Saturday, November 9, 2013

BBM on your Computer or Laptop

When you have very often use BBM or Blackberry Messenger , already have a lot of friends in the virtual world of fuel , already saving up to thousands of BBM PIN , or even very well known in the world of fuel , you are certainly very difficult to leave the cute is often called the fuel . Yes , BBM is blackberry security features , do you believe if you can do BBMan with your computer or laptop ? so you wherever you are , when you capet holding your blackberry , it turns out you can send messages via BBM via laptop or computer . Yes let's hope there are fuel for future Computer / PC just download .

This time I want to tell you a secret , which it turns out we can send BBM messages with your laptop or computer , is it difficult ? Obviously not . BBMan way with your computer or laptop is very easy , as it only needs to connect a laptop or computer with your blackberry device . Still to be implemented in a way BBMan computer or laptop , there are steps - steps that you should follow . To use bbm on computer or laptop do the following steps .

First, you must have a free blackberry applications Soti Pocket Controller Pro that needs to be installed on your pc or laptop. This software like Desktop Manager, but the features in this software is more complete.

When the blackberry desktop manager you only given the option to synchronize data, file manager and other service standards. In the SOTI pocket controller pro you can fully connect all the benefits and features of the Blackberry, BBM counted. Not only that, other features like telephone, e-mail, SMS, Browser, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger can also be opened via this software.

After that, you must install the same application on your BlackBerry smartphone. The application is compatible with blackberry os version 4. 6 or newer.

Currently, to operate it, do the following steps:
  • Download SOTI pocket controller pro at http :// However, before when you download, you first have to fill the form data is requested. Then install it on your computer or laptop
  • After that, download and install the application SOTI pocket controller pro on your blackberry. Can pass through http :/ / / pcprobb / default.aspx or http :/ / from your blackberry browser, or downloaded from the blackberry appworld http :/ / / webstore / content / 13 746 lang = en.?
  • After download and install it, after that you just move it on computer software. Connect your blackberry to pc using media connectors that give support for your blackberry, just like with the data cable.
  • Open Soti Pocket Controller Pro software on a PC and then connect your bb, specify the appropriate media connections through the usb or wifi. Connection system and can be run with automatic synchronization.   

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